How do I apply?

Application Form

SUBMISSION DEADLINE - Wednesday January 10, 2024

New CIP Trainees and MOH-CIP Award

Please complete the Application Form (pdf) below, and attach all supporting documents listed in the application form and on the Application Checklist page. 

CIP Application 2024

Application Packages are to be emailed to the CIP Coordinator at

PLEASE NOTE: Your acceptance into CIP and/or for MOH-CIP Funding is conditional upon acceptance into your graduate unit.

Application Deadlines:

January 10, 2024 for Ministry of Health-CIP Funding Competition and new CIP trainee Applications (for July 1, 2024 enrollment)

May 1, 2024 new CIP trainee Applications for July 1, 2024 enrollment 

November 1, 2023 new CIP trainee Applications for January 1, 2024 enrollment

If the deadline falls on a weekend, your application would be due the following Monday.

Note: Applicants who are NOT registering in a U of T graduate department or are pursuing a non-thesis degree (i.e. M.Ed) during their CIP training must submit a letter from their potential SGS-qualified supervisor attesting that he/she will be taking full responsibility for the trainee to receive a well-structured research experience. Applicants must contact the CIP office before applying.