Application Guide

The following is a checklist for CIP applicants to guide them, in addition to the CIP Application. The deadlines will vary depending upon which clinical specialty/subspecialty you are in and to which graduate department you are applying. The dates listed here are for reference only. Make sure you check with the clinical department and graduate unit directly for official deadline dates.

1. CIP Application

Applications for the competition of Ministry of Health-CIP funding of 14 positions are accepted each year as part of general admission for July program start, but with a January 10, 2022 deadline.

Other Application Deadlines are:

  • May 1 for Applications for July 1 start
  • November 1 for Applications for  January 1 start

Download the CIP Application 2022 here. 

PLEASE NOTE: Page 3 of the Application, Graduate School Endorsement Signature - This can be left empty if you have not yet been accepted to your graduate school, as acceptance to CIP will be conditional upon acceptance to your programs.  Make sure to note on Page 2 of the Application the specific graduate unit you have applied to. 

2. Summary of Required Documentation:

  • Application
  • Program Director Letter of Support (must include confirmation of 80% time dedicated to research and confirmed funding for 2 years)
  • Research Supervisor Letter of Support
  • A one page letter of intent from the trainee
  • A copy of the Graduate Program acceptance letter (when enrollment is confirmed)
  • Current CV
  • One page research proposal

3. Clinical Department Application

4. Graduate Unit Application

Please note:  Your acceptance into CIP and/or for MOH-CIP funding is conditional upon acceptance into your graduate unit.