Frequently Asked Questions

I’m finished my clinical residency, am I still eligible for CIP?

No, you may only apply to CIP if you are still registered in a clinical residency program accredited by the Royal College Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC). Special cases are accepted if the applicant has been in continuous postgraduate medical training at the University since completing a Royal College clinical training program. Please contact the CIP office to discuss the eligibility of your specific circumstances.

How long am I expected to engage in full-time research to complete the research component of the CIP?

All CIP trainees are required by the RCPSC standards to complete two years (24 months) of full-time (min. 80%) research in the Continuous Training Pathway. If you have questions regarding the DCT or FT Pathways, please contact the CIP Coordinator.

Does the CIP find a supervisor for me?

No, the CIP does not find a supervisor for its trainees. The graduate unit usually has a list of faculty members in their department who could be potential supervisors. However, we can provide some guidance in terms of searching for a supervisor. Please contact the CIP office if you need assistance.

I will be enrolled in a non-thesis degree granting program, am I still eligible?

No. However, trainees planning to undertake a Masters in Education or another non-thesis program should meet with the CIP Program Director to discuss their options.

I started my graduate studies already, may I still apply?

The CIP committee will permit up to six months of retroactive registration in the CIP. However, you must remain in the program for a total of two years in full-time research and fulfill all program requirements in order to receive your CIP certificate.

When do I receive my CIP certificate from the RCPSC?

You will only receive your certification as a clinician investigator from the Royal College after you have finished both the clinical and research components of your training, i.e. written your specialty/subspecialty exams, received your degree from the School of Graduate Studies, and approval of your CIP requirements by the CIP Competence Committee. This may mean years after you defend your thesis, which would be the case for many surgical residents.

The certificates are mailed out twice a year directly from the Royal College. It is your responsibility to ensure that they have your correct mailing address. If you have completed both components and still did not receive your certificate after several months, please email the CIP Coordinator to check the status of your file.

The MOH-CIP and new CIP trainee applications submission deadline is January, but my graduate unit and acceptances will not be available until after this date, can I still apply?

Yes you can still apply however your acceptance into CIP and/or for MOH-CIP funding is conditional upon acceptance into your graduate unit.