Clinician Investigator Program Competence Committee

The CIP Competence Committee has the following Terms of Reference:


Once competencies have been developed by the Royal College CIP committee, the CIP Competence Committee will be responsible for reviewing residents readiness for progression through the stages of the two year CIP program. The Committee will use data to make judgements about progression and completion of CIP

Structure and Process:

  1. There will be a documented terms of reference outlining committee structure, membership process, decision making process, reporting to CIP and PGME.
  2. Structure of Competence committee:
    • For CIP the committee name shall be CIP Competence Committee
    • The CIP Competence committee membership processes are: The chair will be selected by the CIP committee; The Program director will sit on the committee and is eligible to be chair; 3 faculty will serve as members which will be confirmed by the CIP committee; residents will not be part of the committee; members will be void of conflict of interest.
  3.  Operational Process:
    • The committee can meet face to face or via teleconference
    • Quorum for decision making is 2 members
    • Email votes are accepted
    • The chair can vote in the case of a tie
    • The CIP committee will ratify decision of the competence committee
  4. Decision making:
    • Resident data will be collected by the program manager
    • University policies on document sharing and storage will apply
    • Once competencies have been developed and approved by the Royal College CIP committee, this information will be collected and reviewed
  5. Roles and Responsibilities
    • Convene as scheduled
    • Deliberate on information
    • Work collaboratively
    • Monitor and communicate issues arising to CIP program
    • Documents meetings and events
  6. The decisions made include:
    • Progress
    • Completion
  7. Agenda for competence committee will include:
    • Regular resident review
    • Special cases brought to the attention of Chair
    • Follow up from last meeting
    • Follow up from current meeting
    • Monitoring of competence committee


Membership includes representatives from the CIP Committee.


Dr. Nicola Jones
Director, Integrated Physician Scientist Program, University of Toronto
Senior Scientist, Cell Biology Program, Hospital for Sick Children
Professor of Paediatrics and Physiology, University of Toronto
Chair, Canada Child Health Clinician Scientist Program (
President-Elect, Canadian Association of Gastroenterology

Faculty Members:

Dr. Neil Goldenberg 
Assistant Professor
Department of Anesthesiology

Dr. Benjamin Goldstein
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Director, Clinician Scientist Program

Dr. Sindhu Johnson
Associate Professor
Institute of Health Policy, Management and Education
Director, Clinical Epidemiology

Dr. Catharine Walsh
Professor, Pediatric Gastroenterology (Wilson Centre Representative)