Curriculum and Requirements

Workshop Requirements

The CIP Workshop Series is a cornerstone of the CIP curriculum and is designed to develop trainee skills within the roles defined in the CanMEDS framework. All CIP trainees, irrespective of their graduate unit enrollment, are expected to attend a minimum of eight (8) full workshops, and help organize a workshop during their years in the research component of CIP certification. The workshops are designed especially for the trainees and they are strongly encouraged to attend as many workshops as possible even after they’ve fulfilled their minimum. Each CIP workshop counts as one workshop credit. The workshops help to build knowledge and a “skill-set” that is beneficial for the aspiring clinician investigator.

Annual CIP Symposium

Attendance is mandatory each year (minimum attendance to two meetings) while actively engaged in the research phase of the CIP program. The program offers interactive workshops designed to enhance research training and professional development. 

Online Modules

The CIPCorEd modules were retired due technical issues with Adobe Flash.  

All trainees are now required to complete the following: