Current Trainees

Trainees that are currently enrolled in the CIP, can find all information relevant to their program here.  Please feel free to contact the CIP Coordinator if you need clarification or further information on your specific CIP requirements.

2019-2020 – New CIP Trainees

Al-Taha, Mona
Baribeau, Danielle
Eng, Lawson
Grant, Robert
Guidolin, Keegan
Hoit, Graeme
King, Lauren
Ku, Jerry
Lapinsky, Stephanie
Mazine, Amine
Moghaddamjou, Ali
Noel, Christopher
Peel, John
Raju, Sneha
Sasikumar, Sanskriti
Scott, Ori
Van Ommeren, Randy
Voisin, Mathew
Wee, Wallace
Weissman, Cory
Xie, Irene
Yarnell, Christopher
Young, Ann
Zuckerman, Jesse