CIP Seminar Series and Organization

The CIP Seminar Series is a cornerstone of the CIP curriculum, designed to develop skills within the roles defined under the CanMEDS framework. By clicking on the Seminar Summary 2009-present, you will see the topics and frequency of seminars offered throughout a given year since 2009. It is updated regularly to assist trainees in planning their own seminars.

As each seminar is announced, trainees register their attendance by emailing the CIP Office.

All CIP trainees are required to help organize a seminar. Please use the Terms of Reference below to guide you.


  1. Enhance expertise for planning and implementing aspects of a clinician investigator training curriculum.
  2. Increase knowledge within chosen subject.
  3. Develop skills within roles under the CanMEDS framework.
  4. Orient on current CIP curriculum; e.g., build on (not duplicate) CIPCorEd modules.

Outline for setting up seminar:

  1. Choose topic from past list of topics or suggest new topic (contact CIP Office with proposal for new topic) at least two months prior to suggested seminar date.
  2. Recruit co-organizers (teams of 2-3) and determine roles and tasks as planning progresses.
  3. Develop outline for seminar (no more than one page) including goals, objectives, educational approach (including interactive learning format), choose potential speakers/presenters (UofT faculty/others as appropriate). Seminars should be 2-3 hours in duration.
  4. Contact CIP Director and CIP Coordinator to review seminar outline.
  5. Choose date/time for seminar with assistance of CIP Coordinator who will arrange location.
  6. Review seminar outline with speakers/presenters; meet if required to ensure effective program development and presentation, finalize AV and other requirements, handouts, etc. (up to one week prior).
  7. Provide CIP Coordinator with final seminar title, goals and objectives, short description of speakers, for timely advertisement (minimum one month). N.B. If seminar is based on a CIPCorEd unit, prior completion thereof may be required of registered CIP trainees.
  8. Develop a pre- and post-test consisting of five or more content questions and answer key, to be submitted to  CIP office at least one week prior to seminar date.
  9. On day of seminar:  Be available for set up at least 15 minutes prior to troubleshoot any technical issues. You will lead/chair seminar (team roles are assigned ahead of time): after introduction of seminar, outlining goals and objectives, administer pre-test to CIP trainees in attendance, allow approximately 5 -10 minutes for completion, and collect tests prior to introducing the speakers.  Facilitate throughout seminar as needed. At conclusion of presentations thank speakers; distribute post-tests for completion by trainees (these are your learning indicators!).  Specific tasks will depend upon the type of seminar you organize.
  10. Request seminar material (e.g. handout of slides, reference material) from speakers/presenters and ask CIP Coordinator to distribute to participants.
  11. Post-seminar: Assess pre/post-tests for seminar impact on learning and review feedback provided by CIP Coordinator; submit a short reflection piece (no more than one page) on the organizing and learning experience, and make recommendations for changes for future seminars.