Current Trainees

Trainees that are currently enrolled in the CIP, can find all information relevant to their program here.  Please feel free to contact the CIP Coordinator if you need clarification or further information on your specific CIP requirements.

2017-2018 – New CIP Trainees

Akbar, Muhammad
Badhiwala, Jetan
Barker, Lucy

Lucy Church Barker graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science (double major in human biology and history), and from McMaster University with a Doctor of Medicine. Currently, she is in the final phase of her residency training through the Department of Psychiatry at U of T and is pursuing graduate training in clinical epidemiology at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. She is dedicated to multiple social injustices and advocacy initiatives, and approaches her research with a social determinants of health lens. Her projects focus on perinatal psychiatry, psychiatric service use, sex and gender differences in psychiatric disorders.

Chu Kwan, William
Cusimano, Maria

Degree Program: MSc
Supervisor: Dr. Nancy Baxter
Specialty/Subspecialty: Obstetrics & Gynecology
Graduate Unit: Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation
Research & Personal Interests: Benign & malignant gynecologic disease, impact of surgical interventions on patient outcomes, health services utilization/care pathways

  Dixon, Peter

Degree Program: Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research
Supervisor: Dr. Murray Krahn
Specialty / subspecialty: Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
Graduate unit: Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation
Research & Personal interests: Clinical outcome measurement in patients with hearing loss and following cochlear implantation

Gordon, Lauren
Gregor, Alexander

Degree Program: MSc
Supervisor: Dr. Kazuhiro Yasufuku
Specialty/Subspecialty: General/Thoracic Surgery
Graduate Unit: Institute of Medical Science
Research & Personal Interests: Evaluating novel materials, technologies, and techniques to enhance intraoperative visualization and resection of lung cancers

Hasan, Yaser
Jivraj, Naheed

Naheed Jivraj began studying Medicine at the University of St. Andrews and graduated from King’s College London. Through a Master’s in International Health Policy from LSE, he focused on healthcare delivery, cost-effectiveness analysis and the measurement of health outcomes. While working in McKinsey & Company’s healthcare practice and at various academic institutions, he has been able to develop these skills and apply them in both local and international contexts. He is currently a Resident in Anesthesia, and pursuing further education in Clinical Epidemiology. His primary interests surround health outcomes and health economics research, particularly in the context of perioperative medicine and critical care.

Juraschka, Kyle

Degree Program: PhD
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Taylor
Specialty: Neurosurgery
Graduate Unit: Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology
Research Interests: Investigating genetic and epigenetic events in medulloblastoma that drive leptomeningeal metastasis and tumor cell survival in the leptomeningeal niche, with the goal of identifying clinically actionable targets that could inhibit and/or treat leptomeningeal metastasis in medulloblastoma. 

Kaster, Tyler

Degree Program: Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology and Healthcare Research
Supervisor: Dr. Simone Vigod
Specialty: Psychiatry
Graduate Unit: Institute for Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation
Research Interests: Application of neuromodulation treatments (electroconvulsive therapy and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) for the treatment of psychiatric illnesses. Clinical trials in psychiatry. Administrative health data for assessing effectiveness of ECT. Neurophysiology of psychiatric illness.

  Ke, Calvin

Calvin Ke completed his General Internal Medicine residency at the University of British Columbia and his sub-specialty training in Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of Toronto. He is currently a PhD student in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research at the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. He is interested in global health and his research focuses on diabetes epidemiology and cardiovascular complications in global Asian populations across Canada, India, and China.

  Kouri, Andrew

Degree Program: Master’s of Science in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research
Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Straus
Specialty: Respirology
Graduate Unit: Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation Research & Personal
Interests: The focus of my research is on the use of electronic and mobile health tools in Respirology to promote guideline- and evidence-based medical decision making. I also want to better understand how eHealth tools are developed, and how their reach can be optimized.

  Kouzmitcheva, Elizabeth

Undergraduate Degree: Honours Bachelor of Science, Trinity College, University of Toronto (2004-2008)
Human Biology Specialist: Genes, Genetics and Biotechnology and Minor in Anthropology
Medical Degree: University of Ottawa (2008-2012)
Residency: Paediatric Neurology, The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto (2012-2017)
CIP Degree Program: MSc
Co-supervisors: Dr. Gabrielle deVeber and Dr. Nomazulu Dlamini
Specialty: Paediatric Stroke
Graduate Unit: Institute of Medical Science
Research interest: Safety of Antithrombotic Therapy in Paediatric Cardioembolic Stroke

  Kwan, Jennifer

Degree Program: MSc Supervisor: Dr. Fei-Fei Liu Specialty: Radiation Oncology Graduate Unit: Institute of Medical Science Research & Personal Interests: Around 50% of cancer patients receive radiotherapy as part of their cancer treatment making side effects of radiotherapy a common problem for cancer survivors. I’m interested in studying radiation side effects and how they can be reduced or reversed. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, running, and traveling.

Levy, Jordan
  Marini, Wanda

Degree Program: Ph.D.
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Reedijk and Dr. Carol Swallow
Specialty/Subspecialty: General Surgery
Graduate Unit: Institute of Medical Science
Research and Personal Interests: Basic science and translational breast cancer research. Our current project focuses on the Notch signaling pathway in basal like breast cancer, and aims to identify Notch-specific cytokine mediators that influence the tumour microenvironment.

  Matta, Rano

Rano Matta is a PGY-5 in Urology in the Department of Surgery. He finished medical school at Queen’s University in 2013. Prior to that he completed an MASc (Toronto) in Bioengineering and a BASc (Toronto) in Chemical Engineering. He has an interest in reconstructive and functional urology and outcomes research in this area.

Mealiea, David
  Misra, Paraish

Supervisor: Dr. M. Cristina Nostro
Specialty: Nephrology
Graduate Unit: Physiology
Research interests: His focus is on stem cell biology and its applications to chronic kidney disease, particularly diabetic nephropathy.

Nassiri, Farshad
  Neufeld, Nicholas

Nicholas is a psychiatry resident with research interests in stroke and stroke recovery, neurocognitive disorders, major depressive disorder with psychotic features, and transdiagnostic approaches to neurological and psychiatric disorders. He is particularly interested in the use of neuroimaging biomarkers for brain stimulation and psychopharmacology.

  Pelland-Marcotte, Marie-Claude

Marie-Claude Pelland was born and raised in the province of Quebec. She completed medical school and her residency in General Pediatrics at Université Laval. She started her training in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology in July 2014 here at the Hospital for Sick Children. She will do a post-doctoral fellowship in Pediatric Hemostasis and Thrombosis and is a candidate for the Master degree in Health Service Research, at the University of Toronto. Her research and academic interests have been directed toward benign hematology, specifically hemostasis and thrombosis.

  Quinn, Kieran

Kieran Quinn is a 5th year resident in General Internal Medicine with a research interest in Palliative Care for patients with advanced non-cancerous disease. He completed his MSc in cardiovascular physiology in 2008 and received his medical degree from Queen’s University in 2013. He is the proud father of Hunter and Austin, and enjoys tinkering away at the cottage tinkering on various projects with their Grumpa and his boys.

  Raghuram, Kamini

Kamini Raghuram is currently a Neonatology fellow at the University of Toronto. She graduated from Medicine at the University of Toronto in 2012 and has been in Toronto ever since. She has an interest in Neonatal Developmental Follow-up and looks forward to the mentorship offered in the Clinician Investigator Program and applying what she learns in Clin Epi to advancing the field of follow-up.

  Ramadan, Khaled

Degree Program: M.Sc
Supervisor: Dr. Marcelo Cypel
Specialty/Subspecialty: General Surgery and Thoracic Surgery
Graduate Unit: Institute of Medical Sciences
Research Interests: Immunocloaking is a novel technology that uses a bioengineered material to create a nanofilm on the endothelium of blood vessels to hide surface antigens and prevent allorecognition by host immunity.  The aim is to investigate the use of immunocloaking to prevent or delay graft rejection in a rat pre-clinical survival model of lung transplantation.
Personal interests: Traveling, Soccer, Snowboarding, Video/board games, Reading

  Raziee, Hamid

Hamid Raziee is a recent graduate from Radiation Oncology Residency Program at the University of Toronto. Prior to residency, he completed a Master’s degree in bioethics at UofT, and started residency in 2012. He is interested in health services and patient outcome research in radiation oncology, and its impact on health policy. This will be the major research focus of his two-year Gynecology Radiation Oncology research fellowship at the Department of Radiation Oncology, Odette Cancer Centre. He is an avid road cyclist, and interested in photography.

Saun, Tomas
Selim, Omar
Shingina, Alexandra
Sorbara, Julia
  Taccone, Michael

Degree Program: PhD
Supervisor: Dr. James Rutka
Specialty: Neurosurgery (University of Ottawa)
Graduate Unit: Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology
Research & Personal Interests: Translational neuro-oncology research as it pertains to novel molecular diagnostics and targeted therapeutics. Our current work aims to investigate how Raman nanoparticles can be used as a means to facilitate drug delivery and molecular diagnostics in mouse models of glioblastoma. Some of my personal interests include hiking, soccer, volunteering and wine crafting.

Tam, Derrick
Tannenbaum, Evan

Degree Program: MSc Health Science Education, McMaster University
Supervisor: Dr. Walter Tavares
Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Graduate unit: Wilson Centre
Research & Personal interests: Assessment in post-graduate medical education

Taslimi, Shervin
Volling, Cheryl

Cheryl Volling is a PGY5 resident with an interest in both research and practice in Infectious Diseases and Infection Prevention and Control. She has previously completed undergraduate work in Biology and Biological Anthropology, followed by her MD, Internal Medicine, and Infectious Diseases residency training at the University of Toronto.

  Vyas, Manav

Degree Program: PhD
Supervisor: Dr Moira Kapral
Specialty: Neurology
Graduate Unit: IHPME
Research interest: impact of immigration and ethnicity on stroke care and outcomes

  Wright, Julie

Degree Program: Ph.D Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Kain
Specialty / subspecialty: Infectious Diseases
Graduate unit: Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology Research & Personal interests: Biomarkers of severe infection in pregnancy
Education: Hon.B.Sc, University of Toronto, M.Sc., Department of Physiology, University of Toronto, M.D., University of Toronto, PostGraduate Residency Training: Internal Medicine, University of Toronto; Infectious Diseases, University of Toronto

  Zagzoog, Nirmeen

Nirmeen Zagzoog completed her Bachelor degree in Arts and Humanities at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, and medical school at McMaster University. Nirmeen is completing her residency in Neurosurgery at McMaster University. She is enrolled in the Clinical Investigator Program and the Surgeon Scientist Program at the University of Toronto, while pursuing her PhD at the Institute of Medical Science graduate school under the supervision of Dr. Victor Yang. Her research focuses on intraoperative imaging and surgical navigation in skull base.

Nirmeen’s research interests include skull base surgery, minimally invasive techniques in Neurosurgery, surgical innovation & biomedical engineering. She has particular interest in image-guided surgery and device development.

Zhang, David
  Zuo, Kevin

Kevin Zuo completed his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB. He is currently a resident in the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. His research focus is to develop a localized drug delivery system to promote peripheral nerve regeneration.