CIP Curriculum and Requirements

Seminar Requirements

All CIP trainees, irrespective of their graduate unit enrolment, are expected to attend a minimum of five full seminars, complete the mandatory online ethics course, and help organize a seminar during their years in the research component of CIP certification. The seminars are designed especially for the trainees and they are strongly encouraged to attend as many seminars as possible even after they’ve fulfilled their minimum. Each CIP seminar counts as one seminar credit. The seminars help to build knowledge and a “skill-set” that is beneficial for the aspiring clinician investigator.

CIP Psychiatry trainees: The Royal College CIP has an agreement with the Department of Psychiatry Clinician Scientist Program so that research and career development seminars can count towards CIP seminar credits. The same applies to seminar organization. However, you must still submit the seminar list to the CIP office for final approval and have an administrator at Psychiatry vouch for your attendance.

Current Seminars List

The CIP Seminar Series is generally based on the CanMEDS competencies. As each seminar is announced trainees will register their attendance by email to the CIP office.



CIPCorEd is an on-line learning tool by which CIP trainees can learn independently about professional skills critical to the clinical investigator. Completion of CIPCorEd is a requirement for all trainees who enrolled in the CIP in 2011 and after.  Trainees need to attain a minimum of 70% on all unit quizzes in order to meet their CIP requirements. CIPCorEd is however, available to all Clinician Investigator trainees and all are encouraged to use them.

CIPCorEd consists of 8 individual units. The first group of units are currently available on Quercus:

  • Unit 1: Grant Writing
  • Unit 2: Manuscript Writing
  • Unit 3: CV Writing
  • Unit 4: Research Ethics
  • Unit 5: Knowledge Translation
  • Unit 6: Mentoring
  • Unit 7: Collaborations in Research
  • Unit 8: Presentations

To Access the CipCorEd units:

  • Go to Quercus
  • Log in using your UTORid and Password
  • The CipCorEd Course will be on your Quercus Dashboard

Mandatory Web-based Ethics Course

CIP trainees are required to demonstrate proficiency in research ethics. For trainees who enrolled in CIP before January 2011 are required to submit proof of completion to the CIP office of either the online tutorial for the “Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct For Research Involving Humans” (TCPS) offered by the Government of Canada, or of the NIH web-based ethics course “Protection of Human Research Subjects: Computer-Based Training for Researchers”. Alternatively, they can complete Unit 4 of CIPCorEd. Completion time for any of these methods is about two hours.