Director’s Message – Dr. Nicola Jones

The education of the next generation of physician scientists is central to the mission of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Our Clinician Investigator Program is a vital component of our education strategy. As a physician scientist, I believe that discovery and innovation lie at the heart of improved health and cures for patients. My own career was nurtured by a previous generation of physician scientist educators. Our Clinician Investigator Program aims to continue this legacy of educating students in science and medicine so that they are well positioned for success as a physician scientist.

We live during a time of remarkable advances in the sciences that span the expanse of biomedical to health services research. Indeed, there has never been a time when it is so exciting to do science; never has there been such potential for discovery and application of these discoveries for the benefit of human health.

Within these web pages you will find information relevant to those who seek entry into our CIP, those who are currently trainees in our Program and our growing list of alumni.