Red Button

What is the “Red Button”?

If your health or safety, or the health or safety of someone else, is at risk, please call 911 or seek medical attention right away!

The Red Button is intended as a quick reference for CIP trainees at the University of Toronto who find themselves in an emergency or crisis situation.

Note:  The Red Button provides information and links to resources, but does not connect you directly to assistance.

CIP trainees function in a variety of workplaces including the Faculty of Medicine campus and the Research Institutes of our full-affiliated hospitals.  While each of these institutions has policies specific to their institutions, their respective policies are consistent with Postgraduate Medical Education and University-wide policies.


Policies on resident health and safety

PGME has specific policies on sexual harassment, immunization, and guidelines for health and safety.  These policies and guidelines are found here.

Policies on health and safety, specifically related to laboratory-based research

Policy and guidelines developed by Health and Safety, University of Toronto, are found here.  These documents include information on biosafety, environmental protection, occupational hygiene and safety, work with hazardous materials and management of hazardous waste materials.


For assistance regarding any issue that in your view merits immediate attention or you are uncertain regarding how to handle an emergent issue you may contact the following individuals for guidance and support.


Program Coordinator

Clinician Investigator Program

416 978 7189


Dr. Norman Rosenblum

Program Director

Clinician Investigator Program

416 978 8582 or   416 813 5667